Oh the mystery of Peptides. Peptides are the building blocks of protein and the key proteins for flawlessskin are collagen elastin and keratin, the threesome responsible for tautness, tone and texture. Peptides are like the air-traffic controllers for your skin: sending signals to accelerate and get to work. Ex: Age, stress, UV, environmental factors, etc causes collagen to breakdown, causing wrinkles. Peptides jump to action to signal new collagen production, reversing the damage.

There are many different types of peptides that have different signals but they aren’t solo heroes as they must work in conjunction with other skin saviors like antioxidants for best results. Now go build your #dreamteam.


Rosa Moschata aka Musk Rose aka Rosehip Oil is a truly #bawsebotanical. The secret to fading dark scars, stretch marks and eczema? Duh. Anti-aging superstar? For sure. Fights free radicals and promotes cell renewal? Yup. Packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin C? Uh huh. Easily absorbable? Yessir. Magically multitasking for a moisturized face? Body? Hair? Check check check.

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It’s no secret that the top three ingredients to a balanced life are:


🌿Social life

🌿Sexy skin

Guess what special ingredient MotherEarth blesses us with that helps balance our skin like no other... CBD. CBD controls oil production, whether you are producing too much or too little, this babe steps in to detox and restore the skin. Especially helpful with acne and excess sebum production and bonus, it’s naturally antimicrobial. #balancedlife

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Oh Aloe, my lovely #Aloe. How you spoil me by hydratingsoftening and smoothing:

〰️ Brightens to help with hyperpigmentation
〰️ Full of antioxidants to improve skin firmness
〰️ Helps with rosacea, acne and of course sunburn

〰️ Penetrates 4x faster than water

Dry, uneven skin? Bring it on. Acid based toners (aka those with AHAs, BHAs and PHAs) help exfoliate, resurface, unclog pores, pH balance and provides a clean slate to give serums and moisturizers full absorption power. When looking for a exfoliating toner, look out for these powerhouse botanical ingredients:

🌵 glycolic acid

🌵 lactic acid

🌵 willow bark

🌵 niacinamide 

Multitasking tip: look for one with a spray (or throw in a mister) which can double as a makeup setter and refresher mist throughout the day (and especially handy on hot summerdaze)!

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Every szn is deodorant szn. Natural deodorants are one of the first cleanswaps to prioritize because there are hidden toxins and irritants in traditional deos- namely aluminum (linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s) and baking soda (known irritant). Aluminum is the primary culprit, which plugs sweat glands, forcing your body to reabsorb hormones/ toxins, disrupting your natural endocrine functions. It’s like a volcano- it stops sweat from escaping and our bodies react by finding other places/ways to produce sweat. Removing aluminum causes your body to adapt and become less sweat prone over time. It’s a beautiful dance to find the perfect natural deo to work with your personal pH but to set yourself up for success, try a pit detox- I love a good clay masque to draw out toxins.Also look for powerhouse natural ingredients that will help keep you fresh and odor-free:

🌱Arrowroot: absorbs moisture
🌱Coconut oil: deodorizes
🌱Inulin: prebiotic benefit
🌱Radish root: eats odor causing bacteria
🌱Aloe: soothes and protects
🌱zinc: anti-bacterial

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Hot topic: Natural vs Clean Beauty

Sorry, Natural Beauty does not equal Clean Beauty🙅🏽‍♀️We’re here to set the record straight. “Natural” is used to describe the origin of ingredients- things usually found in nature and/or without any synthetics. The word "natural" doesn’t guarantee that every ingredient in the product is safe.

Clean Beauty is a bit different. Although definitions vary, we believe its focused on ensuring that ingredients used to create awesome products are non-toxic, safe, eco-friendly, and sustainable throughout every step of the supply chain. It means steering clear of fillers and ingredients like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, glycols, tricolsan, synthetic fragrances, ethoxylated materials and petrochemicals to name a few. Yes, it means reading the ingredient list. Some toxic ingredients are endocrine disrupters and have been linked to long-term health issues like cancer, nervous system issues, reproductive issues. On the other hand, some synthetic ingredients are 100% safe and can deliver great results.

You don’t have to compromise your future health for healthy skin- promise. The next time you are confused about the two, remember this: Poison Ivy is natural but trust me you don’t want it in your moisturizer.
Looking to make a clean swap? First place to start is leave-on products in high absorption areas like deodorants, serums, moisturizers, scalp treatments or lip products. You got this! One swap at a time.

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Call me a Ayurveda aficionad. Don’t know what Ayurveda is? No worries I got ya...
When you hear Ayurveda think mind, body, soul- a holistic approach thinking from the insight out. Ayurvedic beauty believes that although skin conditions seem superficial/above the surface, it’s actually a reflection of hidden imbalances within our bodies AKA there’s more than meets the eye. It’s all about #balance and #innerbeauty.

Old meets new with my #limitededition Glow Elixir, which harnesses some powerful Ayurvedic favs like Neem, Moringa and False Daisy, which are uber antibacterial, healing, detoxifying, soothing and antiinflammatory plus these babies create the cool pink tone of the beauty oil 😏